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The Pikpuk Exoplanet Colonization Project is a division of Stratus-Pikpuk, Inc. of Marietta, Georgia, USA

The Pikpuk Exoplanet Colonization Project was founded to fulfill the destiny of the human race before humanity itself destroys the ability to fulfill that destiny.

About the founder and his reason for starting the project.
Robert Lautner, the President of Stratus-Pikpuk, Inc., founded the Pikpuk project after being frustrated by the lack of progress in the human pursuit of space colonization. Prior to founding the Pikpuk project he launched Spacegy, an industrial certification program assigning Spacegy certification to businesses that support space travel directly or indirectly. He also wrote the book ''Deranged Maniacs of Post-Soviet Mars'' where he elaborates on Paramount Obligationism, a philosophy he developed based on his views of the role of the human race.

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