Join us and fulfill your destiny!

When we enter phase 2 of the project we will need qualified and motivated people to work on the Pikpuk Exoplanet Colonization Project. Of course we need qualified engineers in relevant fields, but more importantly we need people with an understanding of the importance of the project.

Working for us is not a job! It is a calling! If you agree with what you see here on this site, then this is not a choice for you. No, this is something you must do! Nothing else matters in the world except pulling this off! This is our paramount obligation. Other things that are important in the world are only important because they directly or indirectly benefit space colonization.

The location of our facility has at the current time not been determined, but if you are willing to relocate to work on a project that is not only the most important undertaking in human history, but in fact the most important thing that has ever happened in the history of this planet, then this is an opportunity you cannot ignore!

Look at our site; study it in detail. You know what to do!

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