Paramount Obligationism

Paramount Obligationism is the philosophical foundation of the Pikpuk Exoplanet Colonization Project. Many people who support us do not agree with the pillars of Paramount Obligationism, and that's entirely okay. The important thing is that humans do colonize space, why we do it doesn't matter, as long as we do it!

The manifesto below will give you a basic idea of what Paramount Obligationism is about. For deeper knowledge on the subject we recommend reading the book ''Deranged Maniacs of Post-Soviet Mars'' promoted on this site.


Paramount Obligationism Manifesto

Human activity is severely destructive to Earth nature. The existence of humanity must be justified by providing benefits to Earth nature.

To ensure the survival of Earth nature beyond the time that the Earth is able to harbor life, Earth life must spread to other worlds.

The human race can and must benefit Earth nature by dispersing Earth life to other worlds.

Spreading of Earth nature is best achieved as a secondary effect of space colonization.

Space colonization and the spreading of Earth biology to other worlds is the paramount obligation of the human race. Of all the endeavors humanity undertakes only space colonization will have a lasting effect; everything else will be erased in the long term. Everything undertaken by humanity must gravitate towards space colonization.

Human activity benefiting space colonization directly or indirectly is valuable and must be encouraged.

Human activity not benefiting space colonization directly or indirectly is a waste of time and a waste of limited natural resources.

Human activity working against space colonization weakens the chance of the human race to ensure the Earth's eco system's interstellar dispersal and long term survival. We must settle space to justify our existence. This is the only thing that matters. This is the paramount obligation of the human race.


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