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Brief History Stratus-Pikpuk, Inc. started out as "Excalibur Innovations" in Maryland in 1999. Originally the company marketed outdoor products.

The company moved to California later in 1999 and changed it's name to "Stratus".

In 2000 the company started it's transformation into a web publishing company with the launch of it's first content site.

In 2001 the company set up a web development office in Bangkok, Thailand and transferred much of it's software development and web publishing operations there.

In 2002 Stratus moved it's headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia and incorporated there under the name of "Stratus-Pikpuk, Inc."

In 2009 the Bangkok web development office was expanded. As a part of the expansion the Bangkok office had to be branched off as a separate company "Stratus Pikpuk (Thailand) Co., Ltd." to comply with local regulations.

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