Hello all snowshoers!

Welcome to this site about snowshoeing and snowshoes. Snowshoeing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in the winter, everything is much more calm and peaceful in the winter in the woods. So if you need to get away after a stressful week at work, snowshoeing is the perfect way. Just make sure you go somewhere with no other people nearby.


- No cotton, when cotton gets wet it conducts heat away from your body. Use synthetic materials or wool, these materials keep you warm even if you're wet (and you will always get wet when you're snow camping)
- Mitt style gloves, no fingers, just a thumb and a big collective pouch for your fingers.
- Snow boots should have a removable inner liner.

- There is very small difference between expensive tents and cheap tents. A 300 dollar tent is about 10% better than a 30 dollar tent, if you are planning an expedition to climb K2 the extra spending might be worth it, but anywhere below 12,000 feet a cheap tent is just fine.

- Sleeping bags are rated for down to how many degrees you can sleep in it. The difference between a cheaper bag with the same rating as a more expensive bag is usually in the weight and the packsize, not in its warmth.

- No question about it, get a Trailstove from , it's the only stove any sane winter camper would use. Gas needs to be warmed up before use in cold weather, and besides you need to use a campstove more often in the winter time, which is no problem for the Trailstove since it runs on wood.

- If you are going snow camping in an area with steep slopes you need to know a few things about avalanche safety. Beware of clear slopes with no trees, sometimes you have no choice but to pass a danger zone. Just pass very gently and slowly and keep your eyes on the slope, don't rush unless you notice an avalanche starting. If you are going in a group, each member should pass the danger zone alone so the other members can rescue you if you get buried.

- Always tell someone where you're going and when you expect to be back.
- Get high detail topo maps of the area before you head out even if you are familiar with the area, you may have to take an alternate route for various reasons.

(The list above is courtesy of the International Snow Camping Association)



Crescent Moon, Racing Shoe 8 x 24 Snowshoe

Crescent Moon's original name was Permagrin and that is what they named their series of snowshoes. It is no wonder, these shoes are so great, they will leave you smiling from the trail to your car. Snowshoe racing is all the rage. You need a strong yet super lightweight shoe to perform at your best. Crescent Moon delivers with the Racing Shoe. Want to feel some lung burn? Want to build some lactic acid in your legs? If so, get a pair of Crescent Moon Racing Shoes and enter a race.

Yuba, Sscape Snowshoe

Change your routine and try some cross training with these great fitness style snowshoes. Perfect for running, racing, and generally busting out, these shoes are light, quick and fun. Now you can run in the summer, snowshoe in the winter, and never wait for a treadmill at the gym again.

Yuba, Olympic Snowshoe

Women and (large) children first out in the snow! Strap on those Olympic snowshoes and head out, because these are the snowshoes to wear out in packed powder conditions. Also sturdy and stable enough to head out with a pack for a weekend trip.

Redfeather, Running/Racing 8 x 25 Snowshoe

If only Wylie E. Coyote had had a pair of these snowshoes, he might have caught that pesky Road Runner. So lightweight, so well designed, you will feel like you have rockets on your feet. So whether you are out running, racing, for fitness, or trying to avoid becoming someone's next meal, strap these on and get ready to cruise.

Yuba, XSV-32 Snowshoe

Fill a backpack with some drinks and munchies, pack a camera, bring a friend, and head out to a distant hillside that you have always wanted to see over. Backcountry, extreme conditions, tough treks and mountain ascents, you name it, these snowshoes are game. With aggressive mountaineering crampons, and a rigid pivot system, these are the shoes for adventures.

Yuba, REC 8.22 Snowshoe

Why limit yourself to a day on plowed, paved trails when you go where you want with a pair of snowshoes? These can go anywhere from a nice packed path to hills of fresh snow. Solid, sturdy and reliable, these snowshoes will definitely change the way that you think about winter.

Yuba, Bel Air Snowshoe

Looking to start snowshoeing, but don't know where to begin? Look no further, these are the shoes for you. Great for walking and hiking on packed surfaces, or even boldly going where no man has gone before on an off-trail jaunt.

Atlas, 833 Hiking Series Snowshoe

Are you a snowshoer? It doesn't matter, these snowshoes will make you one. If you want to take snowshoeing to a level above the basics, check out the 833's. It has a super solid binding that is especially built to accommodate a hiking boot. The asymmetrical binding shape and contoured footbed give you a secure fit so you're not slopping around on your adventure. If you don't want just the basics yet not ready to dive into the extreme, these are the best choice.

Tubbs, Discovery 27

An excellent choice for those discovering the crisp winter air on snowshoes for the first time. Easy to use Recreational Binding offers a custom fit for a wide range of boot styles and sizes. Toe cord placement optimizes ease of use for comfortable navigation on packed trails and open fields.

MSR, Denali Snowshoe

The Denali was the Editor's Choice Snowshoe of the Year in Backpacker magazine. They offer incredible traction on ice and hard packed surfaces, a user friendly binding, and great stability. Reasonably priced all-around quality snowshoe.

MSR, -Little Llama Kid's Snowshoes

For the kids who complain that grown-ups get all the cool toys, MSR presents the Little Llamas. They are designed with the same durable, one-piece platform and mitten-friendly binding of the Denali snowshoes, making them lightweight and easy for little hands to put on or take off. The Little Llama's base incorporates the same aggressive brakes and hardened-steel crampons as the Denali's, plus two molded Traction Bars that provide junior snowshoers superior lateral stability while traversing. Designed for kids weighing up to 90 pounds/41kg, Little Llamas fit children's boot 7 1/2" to 13 1/2", and adult boots sizes 1-4 1/2".

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