Welcome to my site about snowmobiling and snowmobiles. Before I go any further I need to mention safety. Snowmobiling has a quite high rate of fatalities compared to other winter sports. Snowmobiling is probably the most dangerous thing you can do in the winter, but it's also the most fun. Is it worth it? Definitely!
There are two major causes of deaths and injuries in snowmobiling: 
One cause is injury or death from trauma in an accident, unfortunately there's not much to do about this factor, except wearing a helmet. Driving safe is just not fun, nothing beats the thrill of pushing the envelope and cheating death.
The other cause is freezing or starving to death as a result of mechanical breakdown far from civilization. Even the best snow mobiles do break down. Fortunately being prepared can save your life if your snowmobile breaks down. Don't rely on your mobile phone if you get stuck, if you can get a signal that's great but chances are you won't.

If you take the following precautions and bring the following items there's no way you will get killed if your snowmobile breaks down:

- No cotton, when cotton gets wet it conducts heat away from your body. Use synthetic materials or wool, these materials keep you warm even if you're wet (and you will always get wet when you're snow camping)
- Mitt style gloves, no fingers, just a thumb and a big collective pouch for your fingers.
- Snow boots should have a removable inner liner.

- Bring a pair of plastic snowshoes with you so you can walk back.

-  Bring a small tarp with you to make a shelter from the elements.

- Bring a small blanket with you, the kind they have on airplanes.

- No question about it, get a Trailstove from , it's the only stove any sane winter camper would use. Gas needs to be warmed up before use in cold weather, and besides you need to use a campstove more often in the winter time, which is no problem for the Trailstove since it runs on wood. It only weighs about a pound so it won't weigh you down.

- Always tell someone where you're going and when you expect to be back.
- Get high detail topo maps of the area before you head out even if you are familiar with the area, you may have to take an alternate route back for various reasons. 

And now for the more fun stuff:

Polaris, 800 XCR

Yamaha, SRX

Ski-Doo, Mach Z

Polaris, 700 XC SP

Yamaha, SXViper ER

Ski-Doo, MX Z

Polaris, 600 XC SP

Yamaha, VK 540 III

Polaris, 500 XC SP

Ski-Doo, Summit

Yamaha, Venture 700/600

Polaris, 500 XC

Yamaha, SXViper

Yamaha, Mountain Max 700

Yamaha, Vmax 700/600 ER

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