Hey, I'm Hank, welcome to my site about hiking and camping in the Idaho wilderness. When it's completed it will the most comprehensive site of it's kind about Idaho hiking trails. Most of Idaho is covered by wilderness and there are not a lot of people in Idaho so it's easy to find your own secluded place in the backcountry. The scenery here in Idaho ranges from spectacular jagged peaks to soft and gentle rolling hills.

An important thing to keep in mind when you're hiking in a place like Idaho where there are very few people is that if something goes wrong you may get stuck in the wilderness for a while. When you go hiking in New England or in the Sierra Nevada you always bump into people, in Idaho you don't. Due to this fact you need to carry a few additional items apart from your regular gear when you go hiking in Idaho, especially if you go in the winter, such as: A fishing net (illegal to use in a non-emergency, but ok to carry for emergencies), extra lighters and matches, a wood powered stove such as a trailstove or similar (whichever stove you choose make sure it has no moving parts, pressure valves, batteries or anything like that)

Idaho has plenty of National forests where you can enjoy nature. They are Boise National Forest, Caribou National Forest, Challis National Forest, Clearwater National Forest, Idaho Panhandle National Forests: Coeur d'Alene, Kaniksu, and St. Joe National Forests, Nez Perce National Forest, Payette National Forest, Salmon National Forest, Sawtooth National Forest, Targhee National Forest 

Apart from hiking through forests and ascending mountains you can also enjoy beautiful rivers here in Idaho. This one is in Boise National Forest.

Idaho is not all greenery, we have some pure rock-and-ice type places too.

I know this site is not much right now but I am currently out in the Idaho wilderness taking pictures and trailnotes all around the state, covering both summer and winter hiking. When I've covered the whole state in a few months I will compile everything into the most complete coverage of Idaho hiking trails anywhere and post it all on this site.So please bookmark my site and check back once in a while.

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