Top Hiking Spots Around the USA

Hello all backcountry hikers, I've made a great web site for you about some of the best hiking places around the US. I'm adding more spots as time allows so make sure you bookmark this site and check back once in a while. Before you go out make sure you have all the items on this survival check list below, only a fool would leave without all the items on the list.

- Multi Purpose Tool (Leatherman tool, Swiss army knife etc...)
- Fire Starting Means (lighter, matches etc...) 
- String
- Lightweight wood stove (such as trailstove , beware of stoves that need batteries to run)
- Cooking Pot
- Rubbing Alcohol (As high concentration as you can get)
- Duct tape (temporary fix to everything, including a broken leg)

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Kings Canyon National Park
Yeah yeah, I know, Yosemite this and Yosemite that. Let me tell you something; Yosemite is like Disneyland, except it also has traffic jams, if you want to enjoy the incredible mountain range that is the Sierra Nevada stay the heck away from Yosemite. Kings Canyon is just as spectacular except there are very few people.
Ventana Wilderness - (Los Padres National Forest)
Excellent place to get away if you're on the central coast. Easy to find solitude, but be very careful with the poison oak in this area, it's some kind of extra potent Ventana Wilderness version, very itchy.

Sierra National Forest
Really nice and relaxed alternative to nearby Yosemite and Kings Canyon National parks. Less regulations than in the national parks about camp fires etc. The scenery is not as extreme as in Kings Canyon and Yosemite but if you need some real quality time with nature it's a great place to go.

Sequoia National Park
The best place in California for winter hiking on snowshoes or cross country skis. Excellent place in the summer time too but a bit more crowded than nearby Kings Canyon National Park, but not nearly as crowded as Yosemite.



Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Great place to go backpacking. Interesting geology including highest peak in Texas and rock formations.
Inks Lake State Park
Excellent getaway location. Nothing really spectacular just lots of nice little stuff. The lake is constant level so it doesn't have that unnatural reservoir feel that most lakes around the country have.

Big Bend National Park
Big Bend National Park has plenty of remote wilderness for true outdoors people. Plan on staying in the park for at least a week if you want to enjoy it to the fullest.




Mount Rainier National Park
Mount Rainier National Park offers excellent scenery and a very good selection of maintained trails to fit anyone who wants to enjoy this place. Not much solitude though if that's what you're looking for since it's a very visited park.
North Cascades National Park
Plenty of excellent backpacking to do in North Cascades National Park. The west side is cooler and wetter than the east side, so pick a side accordingly.

Olympic National Park
There are three completely different types of wilderness in Olympic National Park, rugged mountains, wild coast, and temperate rain forest. Each one is worth exploring.


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