Terms and policies governing name purchases

1. All sales are final. No refunds! In the event that the project is cancelled for some unforeseeable and unlikely reason any remaining funds will be used to further humanity's march into space in other ways.

2. Naming of the features on the new planet according to the list your name will enter onto will be part of the constitution of the mission. When our mission arrives on the new planet as its first human colonizers the name you buy will be used as promised to name a feature on the new planet.

3. Interstellar travel is dangerous; there is no guarantee of success. The mission must arrive at the new planet as its first colonizers to have the right to officially name features.

4. Banned names: Names that can be perceived as obscene or offensive are not allowed.

5. Changes to your listing: As the owner of the listing you can sell it or give it to someone else. To allow the new owner to make changes to the listing you must inform us of the new owner status. You can change the name on your listing. Changes can only be made by the registered owner. Generally you cannot change the category of your listing, but we may allow it on an individual basis if we feel it is warranted. To protect the wishes of our customers a listing created by a deceased person cannot be changed by the heirs of the person who created it.

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