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Dr. Gavin Miller's Snake Robots
This site describes snake robots as well as giving links to important lists of other snake robot research projects.

Gastrobotics Project
Gastronome converts sugar cubes into electricity using microbial fuel cell technology. A stacked plate design employing six individual cells is located in the center wagon. The other wagons contain anolyte and catholyte tanks along with gastric and heart pumps. A D.C. motor propels the robot along.

Half fish, half robot
The advent of "cyborgs" has been brought a step closer by the creation of a strange hybrid creature with a mechanical body controlled by the brain of a fish.

Jijo-2 project
Learning and Integrated Information processing of Office Conversant Mobile Robot

NASA, K9 Rover Project
Mars rover prototype and field test program to integrate and demonstrate robotic technologies for future Mars missions.

Palm Pilot Robot Kit
The Palm Pilot Robot Kit is a design for an easy-to-build, fully autonomous robot controlled by a Palm handheld computer.

Projekt Makro
prototype unleashed, multi-segment robot platform for autonomous inspection of sewer pipes that are inaccessible to humans

Humanoid shape robot to meet NASA's increasing requirements for Extravehicular Activity (EVA, or spacewalks).

Robot Wars
The Official Site for Robot Wars US -- a mechanical sporting event that features radio controlled robots in a contest of destruction and survival.

Robot Wars and Dangerous Machines
Robot Wars site detailing RobotWars entries and Robot Wars related information - links, guides, help and discussion forum.

Snuf is a simple autonomous mobile robot constructed of mainly second-hand components. Snuf is capable of gathering small building blocks on the floor, and bring these to a predefined position, while avoiding collisions with other objects. No special operating requirements are needed, other than a smooth floor.

SpaceCat: The Stepping Triple Wheels Robot
Mobile robot for unmanned planetary exploration

Submar - Intelligent measurement system
Underwater Robot Society for Internal Monitoring and Controlling of Processes

The Golem Project
The field of Artificial Life examines "life as it could be" based on understanding the principles and simulating the mechanisms of real biological forms.

Official site of the Honda Motor Company's human robot project.

The MIT Robot Pike Project
Here at the MIT Towing Tank we are building robotic fish. The aim of these robots is to help us learn more about the complex fluid mechanics that fish use to propel themselves. In the long run, propelling small autonomous vehicles via fish-like swimming could have enormous energy savings, and increase the length of time a small machine could swim.

Thing is a small twelve degree of freedom four legged walking robot.

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