homesitesadvertiseaboutusdirectoriesother is our newest site. It is modeled after the hugely successful This family friendly site has two sections. One with G-rated jokes, and one with silly lies made up about every city in America. The bulk of the content is AI generated but is continously being replaced with user input.

This is a recently launched site so historical data is not yet available. But we expect hits to be even over the whole year with no significant peak season. site

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The Lies

The lies pages feature entertaining and silly lies about every city and town in America.
The lies on these pages are top quality AI generated blurbs based on geographic data.
As user input comes in the AI content is replaced by the user input based on the ghostsofamerica concept.
The Jokes

The joke pages are a growing collection of G-rated jokes. The format is of very high quality and many of he jokes have custom illustrations by an in-house graphics artist.
User submitted jokes are screened for quality and are often edited to match the overall tone of the site in order to appeal to the audience of the site.

Sample Page:

Sample Page:

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