Ghostsofamerica is a very popular light entertainment site that has user submitted ghost sightings for thousands of American cities. This site started out as an experiment in AI content generation and still retains the AI content for cities lacking enough input.

This site gets strong hits all year with a short peak in October (Halloween) when hits double. site

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The Ghost Sightings

Ghostsofamerica is an input forum for ghost sightings, it is one of our most popular sites. Input is judged very strictly on quality. Only about half of the submitted sightings make the cut and get included on this site.
The site is very entertaining and addictive and therefor has a very significant audience that checks the site on a regular basis.
Originally the site was an experiment in exploring the effectiveness of our AI content generating system. But quite soon after launch the user inputs started pouring in and the AI generated content gave way to a large mass of exponentially growing user submitted content.
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