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The mystery of hikercentral.com continues to baffle the industry. Why is it that while all other outdoors websites are pumping huge amounts of money into developing their websites, hikercentral.com manages to make a much better website than anybody else in the same field. The people at HikerCentral claim to have found the perfect recipe for making a great outdoors website.

While other general outdoors web-sites have been evolving into online encyclopedias with massive amounts of information stored on thousands of pages within the own domain, HikerCentral.com  has taken a more puritan-early-days-internet approach. The website basically consists of thousands of links, all of which have passed the very strict content quality requirements of HikerCentral. The links are organized into a number of categories and internally sorted using a secret sorting method grouping links in different classes based on content quality. We were not able to persuade HikerCentral to reveal their secret but insiders say it involves combining ratings from a number of people going through each website independently rating different qualities of the site. All people involved in this are rumored to be carefully selected outdoors fanatics.

The advantage of selecting high quality links on a specific topic is that whoever makes and maintains the website that the link goes to is an expert in his specific field and makes a very detailed website. For example, your regular outdoors site will have a page of information on Sequoia National Park with a picture and some data. To cover the whole planet they are forced to spread themselves very thin. On HikerCentral.com you will instead find links to a number of interesting websites about Sequoia National Park, for example someone might have made a website about snowshoeing to Moose Lake in Sequoia National Park. For the author of that website this topic is close to his heart, when you go on his website you can feel what he felt when he struggled over snowy ridges and slept in igloos. On a regular outdoors website providing the basic facts of Sequoia N.P. and a photo you won't get that feeling.

Everybody involved in creating and maintaining HikerCentral.com has a strong interest in the outdoors and have extensive experience being in the outdoors, being good with computers is secondary. Catching the essence of the outdoors is the secret behind HikerCenntrals success. Other sites will provide you with fast and easily accessible information on the number of campsites in a wilderness area while HikerCentral will make you feel like you are there, walking around in the woods, breathing the clean mountain air. HikerCentral gets most of its hits during business hours, especially on Mondays. People would much rather be in the woods or on a mountain than in their cubicle, by logging on to HikerCentral their minds can wonder off into nature for a while.

While the actual staff of HikerCentral.com is quite small there is a virtual staff of thousands of independent webdesigners who have sites included on HikerCentral. We at M.A.Magazine believe that if HikerCentral keeps this up they will remain unrivaled in the first spot for many years to come.

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