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How to catch small animals for food

Throw a double folded string around a strong and stiff branch about 10 ft (3m) high. With the two free ends towards the area where the animal will be caught.



2. NET. Get out your net.


3. ATTACH NET. Tie the free ends of the string to the ends of the net as shown. 



4. SPREAD NET. Spread the net out on the ground.


5. BAIT. Place the bait on the middle of the net. The bait can be some type of food but anything that looks interesting to an animal will work fine, some crumbled up paper or a sock will work.


6. WAIT. Wait for an animal to come by. You can do other things while you wait, just keep an eye on the net.


7. ANIMAL ARRIVES. Here a squirrel has found our bait. Stay calm, wait until he's on the middle of the net.



8. ANIMAL TAKES BAIT. When the animal is in the middle of the net you can pull the string.


9. PULL STRING. Pull fast, don't give the animal a chance to escape. If you don't catch him you don't eat.



10. KILL ANIMAL. Don't try to take the animal out of the net while it's still alive, you could get scratched or bitten and get an infection. Beat the animal to death with a stick first. What ever animal you catch this way, make sure you cook it very well before you eat it to kill all potential bacteria that could be in the animal.


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